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Originally Posted by tuff
ok, ive done a little more testing

when you dele a file, outputting $args (iputs ">> $args") works fine

although, when you attempt to delete one of these "locked" files, nothing is outputted for $args

it seems that $args, which we need to parse etc, is lost somewhere

it also seems that $pwd $path etc are also non existant


a good file deleted

DELE test.nfo
250 DELE command successful.
>> DELE test.nfo

a "locked?" file deleted

DELE test2.nfo
550 test2.nfo: No such file or directory.

so $args is being lost somewhere

btw panic, this is simply using the

dele = TCL c:\ioFTPD\DELETEST.itcl

ini settings
that's a fairly good hint at what is happening. or at least where to look. tell me, is the file actually deleted, or it just exists but isn't removed *and* we get this error. i'm trying to narrow down where in the delete code path these variables are trashed.
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