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For the record, FlashFXP does not scan your registry, your system or anything of that nature. FlashFXP doesn't send emails. We would never spam you or anyone else. Spam is a disease that needs to be cured.

FlashFXP does what it was designed to do and that's to provide the user with a complete and fully functional FTP/FXP client, it also offers a method of checking for a new version. FlashFXP does nothing else outside the scope of what I mentioned above.

We hate piracy, FlashFXP is our source of income, however when it comes to piracy are actions are fair, just, and reasonable. We never invade your privacy or break your trust. All of these rumors that say otherwise are false. It's miss-information designed to hurt our business.

Of course all of these rumors specifically apply to cracked copies of FlashFXP, a cracker can do anything, There's no telling what has been done and those of you NOT using a cracked copy have nothing to worry about.
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