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Hmm... maybe i'm on the right track.

I was editing some of the code in ioBanana.tcl to get colors per section and did this:

set output [ioB:replacevar $output "%scolour" $colour($section)]

Inside proc ioB:basicreplace and added colour as a global. Then in the announce section I added:
set colour(APPS) 8

Then in my skin made [c]%scolour %section[c]

It looks liek it's working. But I am too tired to continue testing... Though it didn't work for a section that started with a number (like 0DAY) so I had to add the space. Is there a way to escape it or put 2 variables next to eachother and not conflict?

Maybe someone can help me out there =)

EDIT: Guess this wasn't that easy... everything breaks except sections that have colors set. Still trying to find out why.
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