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You should test this with the new beta we released v3.3.4 build 1108, It should be listed in the download portal.

Since you missed the new string in 'cDS.Items' at the TfrmPref section FlashFXP crashes.

Let me try and be more specific

TFrmPref > Multilines > cDS.Items

The english translation now has 17 lines, Your Spanish translation only has 16. You need to add the new line of text at the very bottom to your translation.

The specific line is "Accurate file system shell icons"

Hopefully there wont be too many more language updates that require updates like this because I understand how they are confusing, also it's nearly impossible to tell that a new string was added.

Originally Posted by DYN_DaTa
Well, Spanish language file updated to latest template (1.5) and uploaded but ... i don't know what i'm doing wrong: on merge process i finish with a bunch of 'missing', 'superfluous' and 'other error' items (inside the three tabs) and i don't see the new item 'cDS.Items' on TfrmPref section. Strange ... i can see a new section called TfrmTxtReplace with new english items and also a couple of new english items.

I'm currently using FlashFXP 3.2.0 (build 1080), latest public release, i think.

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