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Sorry, don't know why I didn't understand what I was reading.

I modified the code to make a seperate module that allows for non-db setups with site invite only.

EDIT: I now realize that the use of the invite DB is NOT just for invites. It allows for other modules to depend on it and it's DB for other functions (like nxtools request system). So now I will probably go back and actually create the DB and use it as designed instead of hacking it up to now use it.

I also found this tool which should aid in the building of the sqlite db for the sqlite odbc driver should anyone be using it:

Neoxed, any plans to have an option to use an sqlite db in the config and have easy to create sqlite db like nxtools? The nxtools setup of the db is much nicer than the one for Alcobot currently. Just a thought.
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