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Originally Posted by ko0ky
I was hoping to get this done without a setting up a DB, is that even possible?
No, a database is required for the invite module (this does not nessacarily mean a database server).

There are a variety of data sources that can be used with ODBC. If you prefer not to use a server based solution (e.g. MySQL or PostgreSQL), you could use the SQLite ODBC driver and keep the database in a single local file.

Originally Posted by hukker
btw this invite script is only for the /msg _BOT_ !invite username pass feature when connected to IRC. You could use the internal one, the one for ioftpd only "site invite nick" this way a connection to any DB is not needed. Theres info about how you install the siteInvite.tcl in the readme.txt
I don't understand, is this a question? You can invite yourself by the !invite IRC command and/or by the SITE INVITE command. If you only want one invite method, disable the one you don't need.
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