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Fix imdb functionality.
Make compatible with ioFTPD v1.0 when it comes out.
Fix any other bugs.
Do nothing else.
php_psio is is the fastest and stablest zs by far (though must admit been a long time since I tried any others), thats all it needs. Anything that risks damamging that = very bad.

Oh, 1 other bug I think I have come across, sometimes rescan seems to not actually scan files, had a couple of occasions where it was still saying release was good and seemed to be rescanning a full DVD5 release almost instantly (eve php_psio isn't that fast at scanning) and due to strong feelings otherwise we tested with a rescan with ioA and it did indeed come up bad on a few files.
No idea what caused it, or how to replicate, or even if it was just a weird blip that will never ever occur again, or possibly even my config , just thought I'd mention it incase anyone else recognises the problem.
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