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Can I change the login message ?
A: You can change both messages shown before and after login:
ioFTPD/text/ftp/Login and Welcome

A list of the cookies you can use in those message files can be found in your ioFTPD package, in the help directory.

I would consider that more than intelligable by a new user. Maybe not by a drivelling idiot but thats a seperate thing.

If you want a polite answer to a stupid I cant be arsed to look it up question email, this forum is mostly answerred by unpaid volunteers who hang here out of community and are therefore free to speak their mind.

"My 2 question and 2 answers RTFM...once more thank you..."

All that says is they must have both been dumb questions.

Oh, n by the way, a hint to your other dumb question, look for bind on the link he specified when he was not being at all helpful.

[edit] just noticed that dumb question was someone else, at least you're not alone, not seen you other one yet, will look forward to the amusement
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