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Default FlashFXP problem....

I have a small, but inconvenient problem with my FlashFXP software. When I transfer files, after the upload is complete it will say "Transfer is complete. Closing data connection." But then it will say "Transfer failed" and start uploading the same file again. After it says the transfer is complete, I can abort before it starts uploading again, and the file will be transfered. This is very inconvenient, since with multiple items in the queue, I would have to sit there and abort after every file, delete from the queue and restart so the next file in line gets transfered. Some time it will do 2 or 3 files in a row before getting to a file which it tries a couple of times.

Any ideas on what is wrong? Thanks for the help!


PS FlashFXP 3.2.0 (build 1080) by the way
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