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Default Project-ZS disappearing files.

Since I`ve started using Project-ZS i`ve noticed that some releases are missing some files even tho it`s stated they are complete and announced via irc. I`ve checked the lxfer log says the file was completed successfully. It seems to be with rars and zips, but could be with mp3 aswell.

This is from my ioftpd.ini

mkd = EXEC ..\scripts\ZR-Tools\ZR-Ban.exe
mkd = TCL ..\scripts\nxTools\nxDupe.tcl PREMKD
mkd = TCL ..\scripts\bad0DAYSORT\bad0DAYSORT.itcl
stor = EXEC ..\scripts\ZR-Tools\ZR-Ban.exe
stor = TCL ..\scripts\nxTools\nxDupe.tcl PRESTOR
pass = TCL ..\scripts\nxTools\nxClose.tcl LOGIN
user = EXEC ..\scripts\ionED\ionED.exe
site = TCL ..\scripts\ioREINCARNATION\ioREADDUSER.itcl
site = TCL ..\scripts\ioREINCARNATION\ioSITEDELUSER.itcl

dele = TCL ..\scripts\nxTools\nxDupe.tcl DUPELOG
dele = EXEC ..\scripts\ProjectZS\postdel.exe
mkd = TCL ..\scripts\nxTools\nxDupe.tcl POSTMKD
rmd = TCL ..\scripts\nxTools\nxDupe.tcl DUPELOG
rnfr = TCL ..\scripts\nxTools\nxDupe.tcl DUPELOG
rnto = TCL ..\scripts\nxTools\nxDupe.tcl DUPELOG
pass = TCL ..\scripts\ioREINCARNATION\ioLOGIN.itcl

I can post my config.h if needed also. I use MS free C compiler.

Anyone else experienced this before ?

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