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Default [Investigated] Quota resets twice

On the 1st of each month, at 00:00 (e.g. 1 min earlier would be Oct 31st, 23:59), the quota system seems to be working properly. 24 hours later the quota gets reset again. Why does it reset twice?


WeeklyReset     = Monday
MonthlyReset    = 1st

# Scheduler
# Event = <minutes> <hours> <day of month> <day of week> Command
# Internal Commands:
# &Reset          : Resets upload/download counters
# &Service_Update : Reloads devices and Restarts services, if bind ip of service has changed
Reset           	= 0 0 * *            	&Reset
Service_Update  	= 10,30,50 * * *        &Service_Update
Day_Stats 		= 0 0 * *  		EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana\ioBanana.exe daystats
If anyone could post an example (relevant parts) on how I should config Windrop (eggdrop.conf), ioFTPD (ioFTPD.ini), ioBanana (ioBanana.tcl) and how my windows clock should be set, that would be great!

ioBanana v20
ioFTPD 5.8.5r
WindropSSL 1.6.15

Yes, I know there is a new version of ioBanana, and I do plan to install a testversion ASAP but until then I want it to work with this one.

Looking forward to some good answers,

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