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oldhouse: can you provide more details ?

MidasKing: Then you've done something wrong. I'm redirecting those announces and I can actually see them in the other channel. The fact that they don't even show in the main channel means that they are either filtered (hidden directories) or that you've changed something to the skin, the variables list (very bad) or the warchive.cfg.

Following are some relevant excerpts of both ioBanana.tcl and warchive.cfg.
set variables(WARCMOVE) "%release %relsize %oldvfs %newvfs %beforesize %aftersize"
set variables(WARCWIPE) "%release %relsize %oldvfs %beforesize %aftersize"
warcmove="%release" "%.2relsize" "%oldvfs" "%newvfs" "%.2beforesize" "%.2aftersize"
warcwipe="%release" "%.2relsize" "%oldvfs" "%.2beforesize" "%.2aftersize"
Are these lines even logged to ioFTPD.log ?
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