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Question Some doubts

Hello folks.

OK. i'm new here, bought my ioFTPD last night. I was reading ALL kb help and documentations.

My site is working as a charm :O but i'm still with some doubts.

1- When i use "site swho" to see who is online on my site, i can't see the direct IP from the user, just the mask. like

0 om Idle *@

Is there a way, or command, or other script that show me the IP from the user also ??

2- I'm running ioFTPD ioFTPD-beta5-8-5r and ioBanana v20. There's a command, that show me the actuallly inbound and outbound speed from my site ?

3- how can i access my site via HTTP ? I read the faq, but i don't get it. Example, i'm running secure site transfer (TLS). So i know i should use https:// them i don't know what should i set here. like adress, port l/p

4- When i check users via "site swho" it just show me the user, status and hostname. Is there any command, or any script, that i can use, to see what files that user are downloading from my site ? like the name of the file or something like that ?

Well, it's all for now. Sorry about all question, believe me, i read everything, is cost me some days to complete my configuration :P but i'm fine and happy.


PS: sorry about my english, i swear i'm trying imporve it
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