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At the momemt i`m using host and nick checks set to false. But when enabling them, i try to add a Nick to the users account i get an error:

10-17-2005 23:32:04 "..\scripts\siteInvite.tcl" terminated abnormally
--------------------------- ErrorInfo ----------------------------
23000 1062 {Duplicate entry 'PaRaNoiD_JaCK' for key 1}
while executing
"db "INSERT INTO invite_users(ftp_user,irc_user) VALUES('$ftpUser','$ircUser')""
(procedure "SetIrcUser" line 7)
invoked from within
"SetIrcUser $ftpUser $ircUser"
("USER" arm line 7)
invoked from within
"switch -- $event {
if {![IsTrue $hostCheck]} {
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