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I came up to a feature, that doesn't work. Request from IRC (as a trusted user) just makes my windrop use up to 100% CPU and nothing else. No reply, no debug.

Special info: harm: that also occours with ioB2 R2beta1

Fixxed with help of harm in next version

On some MP3 files, ioB2 doesn't put out the bitrate on announcement of receiving mp3. I looked into banana-info and it gave me that:

G:/ftp/mp3/another_bad-mp3_file.mp3 is corrupt or is not a standard MP3 file.

But the file(it takes the first one uploaded), is 192kBps cbr.
I'm using:

ioFTPD 7.7.2
ioNiNJA BETA Stable v0.8.9.6

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