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hello harm and thanks for the reply. The problem with ioB2 is the quota command !quota:

HTML Code:
proc ioB:mnquota {nick uhost hand chan args} {
global ioBlog ioBmsg ioBquota ioBtrial ioBvar
if {$ioBvar(silent)} {return}
ioB:hidden $chan
set args [split [ioB:filter [join $args]]]
set ee ""; set ioBvar(ftperror) ""
switch [lindex $args 0] {
	"quota" {
		set name [lindex $args 1]
		set status [catch {set ee [::ftp::Quote $ioBvar(ftp) SITE BSTATS USER MONTHUP 200 "\"$ioBvar(sections)\""]} result]
in the older version of iob, which looks like this:

HTML Code:
"quota123" {
			set user [lindex $args 1]
			set status [catch {set ee [::ftp::Quote $ioBvar(ftp) SITE BSTATS MONTHUP USER $user 1 "\"$ioBvar(sections)\""]} result]
iob only retrieves ONE user for this command. In ioB2 however, the script fetches 200 (!!) users, just to be able to get the stats of ONE user. Isnt that a waste of resources? I've tested this with iosharedb some time ago (via ftp raw cmds (SITE BSTATS USER MONTHUP 200 etc)) and it takes way too long to show the stats.

i got three questions:

1. can u make a small update for ioBananav20 with that section stuff i talked about in my ealier post?

2. what is the reason you chose to change it to 200 intead 1? Im just curious

3. is anyone else experiencing this with iosharedb and ioB2?


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