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Originally Posted by Harm
4) STATS per section
It will probably be in the next version (unless it comes with the next ioFTPD). It's amazing nobody has requested this before as it has always been like that.
Note that SITE USER username gives stats per section already.
how's it going with this? any progress? still waiting for ioftpd 1.0?

also i got a question regarding an older version of iob and i was hoping you would have an answer harm. It's like this:

this if from iobanana.tcl:

# Stats sections (for trial/quota and such)
set ioBvar(sections) "0"

this was never implemented right? like you said in a previous post?

im referring to this piece of code:
HTML Code:
"quota123" {
			set user [lindex $args 1]
			putlog "$ioBvar(sections)"
			set status [catch {set ee [::ftp::Quote $ioBvar(ftp) SITE BSTATS MONTHUP USER $user 1 "\"$ioBvar(sections)\""]} result]
"\"$ioBvar(sections)\"" doesnt seem to have any effect. I tried running some combinations of the site bstats cmd in my ftp client and it doesnt seem to work.

for instance if i want to count the quota for a user in ONLY section DEFAULT (0) and not the other sections, eg REQUEST (8), SPEED (7). site bstats monthup user someuser 1 "0" gives me the monthup stat for that user but for all sections, incl speed + request. It should give me the stats for ONLY that section (0).

HTML Code:
site bstats monthup user someuser 1 "0"
So my question is, is this not implemented in ioBanana yet? is it just there, in the tcl file, for future use or what? And i presume its the same thing with ioBv2?

example from ioftpd.ini:
HTML Code:
REQUEST					= 0 8 /REQUEST/*
SPEED					= 0 7 /SPEED/*
DEFAULT					= 0 0 *
io 5.8.5r


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