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Originally Posted by Harm
What is your configuration for these default permissions and owner ?
My config is the default:
Default_Directory_Attributes = 755 0:0
Default_File_Attributes = 644 0:0
Originally Posted by Harm
"del" should be "rmd" (could be a typo).
"Directory not empty" means you're not allowed to rmdir a non-empty directory. This is the intended behaviour (as it is on any *nix os).
"invalid filename" looks like a bug introduced with ioFTPD 5.8.6r and 5.8.7r. Have you upgraded to one of these ?
Really, I was using 5.8.7r and it had not noticed problems so far. I go back to 5.8.5r and, then, go to remake the tests and I'll place the results...

Thanks in advance...
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