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Default IoB2 not allow erase mp3 & DiVX directories

IoB2 not allow erase mp3 & DiVX directories

If a common user (flag 3) gives up to complete one release and tries to erase the respective directory of mp3 or DiVX(imdb),ioB2 does not allow.

Sequence of commands and answers of ioB2:

user command: del an.mp3.incomplete-DIRECTORY
system message : Directory not empty

Then, if the user tries delete the internal archives (.sfv, .nfo,.m3u, etc) the answer is: invalid filename (the archives continue there and the names are correct)

In the case of DiVX (imdb) happens similar thing in relation to the directory and the tagline created by .nfo.

In synthesis, the system does not allow that to the user delete its proper uploads...
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