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Too much time...
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As far as I can remember this has always been the case, even with previous releases.

I've carefully noted this request as well as other good ones that I've read/heard in the past two months. Though, I'm currently really busy working in the UK and I have no time working on ioBanana. I have very little access to the internet and even less time to read these forums. I've planned to take the few days of free time I'll have around Christmas to prepare another release.

You can be worried, write using an even bigger font or use many more smileys, I'm afraid it won't change anything... In fact, it will only make it harder for me to get back into it when I'll return to my studies in january. If (for any reason) you're still willing to use my scripts then, you should keep your posts simple and also keep everything in one place. For example you could continue to add to the request thread with small and clear descriptions.

I'm sorry for having a life.
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