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Originally Posted by scoonydeus
-I've included a !credits script in mine maybe u can add one directly in ioB with a different announce for some grps ( check the script posted by Fungraphic, it was changed by me to get grps custom announcement )
I've a feature called !user <someone> in my todo list which might be similar to that.

-I'm still having trouble with the !request command (but Harm know about it)
Really ? I think I've fixed that some time ago. I'll contact you in a few days for the tests.

-A cool feature already done as a TCL (by Lashan) is !mostleeched, u have the top 5 most leeched it make a new file to make stats with the tranfer log, so you can try as well to add the !traffic name.of.the.release to get the listing of peoples who get it.
Maybe as a module... but since it does already exist, this goes at the bottom of the list.

-With mine the DUPE/UNDUPE is not working i've fixed with another script, yours don't log at all ( I said mine i guess it was me the main prob for this )
Hmm... no, I really don't understand what you're trying to say here, sorry.

-It's would be great to have a file like the for windrop but for the ioFTPD cause i like the way your ioBanana display racestat and stuff ... but it would be funny to get the skin in a file to change it and maybe we can post our custom skin ... JUST AN IDEA
They're currently hardcoded for speed reasons. The code can be directly edited by those who wish to customize the messages... though I might come with some tool to edit them.

-A new command to change topic thru the server will be great and we can add a feature to display it this way "[$1/$2] This is your topic"... $1 = users passed, $2 = users on quota or iND
Haha, what about a built-in coffee machine ?
Seriously, the quota/trial related message in the topic is a good idea, but a site command to change the topic...

-A dualup limitation ( not in the same sfv ) if you do you lost an FTP login, dualdown limitation... the same punishment ( with a list of grps allowed to dualup and down ... separated pls). Cause i've got the noDUAL.itcl ( i've linked to the iobanana part of the windrop to announce it in the chan ) and it kicked the second account but it still log in the dupe log ... and keep reconnect ... you can imagine ... UNDUPE time!!!!!
I'm not sure I undestand your particular problem here, but I've already said dual up/dn will be taken care of by a module (that I'll write).

ko0ky: I'm afraid I'm lacking time at the moment but I have a module which aims to adapt quota and trial to a particular setup. I might consider writing one for cases like yours too.
Who said I'll have some free time around Xmas ?

domy_3: You're right, I've removed most of the less used / way too funky stuff from the core ioBanana. My aim is to provide the core functionality and allow users to quickly write modules for the extra functions. This way you'll have only what you really need, which is more efficient. You'll also be able to add functions that are not provided by default or customize existing ones to fit your particular configuration.
Note that it's not quite ready yet and I'll most probably write most of the first modules myself.
The pretime database (which is *the* usefull feature in your list) will be a module as well. I'm actually considering a central database module that will replace the default file-based dupe engine and add pretime functions and then several lower-level modules that will provide database specific code to this one (ie. MySQL, PostreSQL, etc.).

Comments on all this are welcome.
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