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I would like to see multiple group quotas. Maybe an option to set different quotas for different groups. For me, the problem is i have several groups that can do group quota but seeing how they are different sizes (number of members) the quota can't be the same as a large group.

Here's an example.

group1 - 10 members - group quota = 60 gigs
group2 - 4 members - group quota = 60 gigs? no way, that might be too much for them, instead I would like to set a different group quota with the smaller group.

Maybe it could be an option that quota is based on HOW MANY members are in that group.. an option quota per group member = 5 gigs. If group has 10 members quota is 50 gigs, if group has 5 members quota is 25 gigs.

maybe this is pointless to others? I'm not sure, but for me it would be very useful.

Also I miss having a cut off date for quota trial and grpquota start. The current release v2.0 release 1, trials start on monday, but if you add a user on monday, they have to wait until the following week to start their trial. Same with quota and grpquota, if user added on the 2nd of the month, he is exempt from quota the entire month.

I thought I'd have more suggestions, I think I need to gather my thoughts. This seems like a good start.
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