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Thanks, Harm, for the fast reply...
But, only to explain better: when I say trial/quota support multiple sections, I want say the following example:

set ioBtrial(size,section0) 2048
set ioBtrial(size,section1) 1024
set ioBtrial(size,section2) 2048
set ioBtrial(group) "Trial"
set ioBtrial(newgroup) "Wathever"
Thus, if the user upload, for example, 10 GB in section0, 20 GB in section1 and 500MB in section2, he won't pass because not reached quota in section 2, right???
Or either, to pass, it has that to make upload minimum in each one of the sections, individually.
The same procedure must be applied for the monthly quota

Originally Posted by Harm
By the way, release 2 is going to be mainly a bugfix release with only a couple of new features. I'll tell you which one when I'll have a better view of what's needed and then create a poll with the other functions to order my todo list.
Excllent!!! I'm waiting...
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