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1) Multiple trial sections
I guess you mean different trial sizes depending on where the uploads were going, right ?
I'm thinking of adding a nuke limit for trial users as well. It means that even if someone has passed the quota regarding the upload size, if he has been nuked more than x time, he won't pass.

2) Multiple quota sections
Same question as before. You know that ioBanana only checks the sections defined in $ioBvar(sections), don't you ?

Both will be improved in the future but I still have to find a way to do it nicely. How would you like these to behave exactly ?

- mp3 genre ban: why not...
I've noticed a few mp3 files are advertising odd genres in their mp3 tags so it'll most probably be a list of allowed genres instead of banned ones.
- imdb genre ban: why not again...
I might extend this to allocine as well. Is support for other web databases needed btw ?
- disc limit: that's an idea.
- banned keywords: this is already available.

4) STATS per section
It will probably be in the next version (unless it comes with the next ioFTPD). It's amazing nobody has requested this before as it has always been like that.
Note that SITE USER username gives stats per section already.

5) More documentation
This will hopefully come soon. I'm still pretty busy with work but I hope it'll make its way into release 2.

6) Force whatever first
I took this out because it was causing more troubles than it fixed problems actually.
If it's really wanted, I'll make it as a module (easily plugable, don't worry) and transfer the force sample first code there.

7) Dual whatever control
It will most probably be a module too since it will slow STOR and RETR commands.

Summary: All of these have been carefully noted. They won't all come with release 2 and won't all belong to the core of ioB2. Actually, most things are going to be modules to allow ppl to have only what they need and perhaps offer different ways of doing the same thing.

It hasn't been requested yet, but I'm thinking of providing mysql and/or sqlite support in the future. There would be a module to replace the current dupe engine and add predb/nukedb functionnality to it (and to the sitebot). Anyone interested ?

By the way, release 2 is going to be mainly a bugfix release with only a couple of new features. I'll tell you which one when I'll have a better view of what's needed and then create a poll with the other functions to order my todo list.
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