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Default Any suggestions to implement/correct ioB2

Originally Posted by Harm
Hmm, I guess I'll have to create a poll/thread to know what features are considered usefull. I don't use force sfv first myself (not that it's hard to add). Any suggestion for the first proposals ?
Some suggestions that I (and other users, certainly...) would like to see implemented in the ioBanana V2 (Not necessarily in the proposal order but all they are very important...)
With this, I believe, would be almost perfect...

1) TRIAL script
support multiple 0-9 trial sections

2) QUOTA script
support multiple quota sections & user in multiple groups

3) ioAutonuke must be include support to nuke:
MP3 genres
IMDB genres
maximum CD/DVD/Disk rules and
banned keywords

4) STATS (by section) in site & in IRC
I know that is possible to use the BSTATS for this, but is complicated to adapt it without a bigger knowledge.
And, if ioFTPD use multiple sections, is just to have separate information on them.(idem to trial and quota...)

5) rules.cfg
Explain (or an example) which syntax (format) must be used to liberate the rules for section

Correct bug previously told (commands don't work in site or in IRC)

7) FORCE .SFV & .NFO first
Force a nfo or a sfv to be sent before anything else in specific dirs

8) DOUBLE LEECH & UPLOAD The limiter from old iobv20 for disallowing users double leech or double upload

Well, for the time... this is all...

Thanks in advance...

PS.: Sorry (all) by my bad english...
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