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Default Add queue to current instance

Would be nice to have a command line that adds a queue file to the current/latest flashfxp that is being running.

For eg.

/run "C:\Program files\FlashFXP.exe" -tray -c2 "C:\Program files\queuefile.fqf"

that starts a new flashfxp, perhaps a switch like this could be added?

/run "C:\Program files\FlashFXP.exe" -tray -addqueue -c2 "C:\Program files\queuefile1.fqf"
and if flashfxp isnt running it should start a new instant.

Why this feature?
its usefull when having schedule, and instead of openening a new instance of flashfxp everytime which then could break the max login, and keep reconnecting.

What do you guys think?
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