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Default Re: 4 new Suggestions...

Originally posted by LittleFart
1. Changing Receive/Send Buffer

The thing is that the system default buffer is 8192 byte/s, but for some dialup modem users (like me) it can be very usefull to to be able to change these settings to perform faster directory listings, to prevent ffxp to stuck in the "list" command etc (i found this very usefull option in securefx ( - i sometimes use securefx cause the ssh(2) which is not yet implied into ffxp )
This option previously existed and we found it actually did more bad than good. The receive buffer is dynamic and grows to fit the amount of data availible. The send buffer is a fixed size of 4096.

Technically though these sizes are somewhat irrelative to your internet connection. As windows does it's own socket bufferring. This size indicates how much per SEND FlashFXP sends to winsock buffer. The actual size of the packet is defined by windows.

2. Deleting Temp Files after FTP View/Edit

ffxp offers the feature, thats right, but it only deletes the temp files after u closed ffxp, the thing is that u not always close ffxp after u viewed/edited one ore more file(s)

for example: (i guess) most of us often view the so called temp files like the .nfo ... but normally "we all" disconnect from one
ftp site, connect to another one also view there some .nfo
files and so on

so why cant ffxp delete the temp file after u viewed the file and disconnected from the ftp???
If you're uploading an edited file and loose connection your temp file would be deleted on disconnect. We have no desire to change this behavior.

3. Editing local folder bookmarks

No doubt the local folder bookmarks feature is very helpful when u have many partitions/folders etc BUT the problem is that u can ONLY add bookmarks

So there should be also a option which offers u to edit the local bookmarks in case the path to the target folder changed etc

atm its only possible to edit it when opening the bookmarks.dat with a text editor for others who never tried the feature: its the yellow/gold colored star in the upper left in the local browser view
You can edit local bookmarks via the Site Manager, Select the first entry "My Computer" and then the bookmark tab.

4. Adding Sub Dirs to local folder bookmarks

i know it was already suggested some time ago but i still miss the feature

sub dirs should look like: (below doesnt work if u try to edit the bookmarks.dat )

[My Computer]
[My MP3s]

maybe its possible some day to add it like above =)

i use the ffxp 2.0 rc1.5 =)
This is on our todo list. FlashFXP is currently in a feature lock until v2.0 is released until then no new features are being added.
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