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Question custom command problem - maybe you can help me out

Hi guys,

i run an RaidenFTPD at home and a glFTPD at work - so - from time to time i want to fxp files between both.

i've enabled dupecheck on my RaidenFTPD to prevent doubles.

so i had to use the raw command "site dupecheck filename" to check if it's a dupe or not. for 1 file it's ok - but 10 and above that sucks and costs lots of time...

so - my question - how can i change the active server window inside of FlashFXP via custom command?

it would be much much easier to select some files on one server and use the command "site dupe %f" - but i need to change the active window to use this cause i would check the files on the server where the files are allready on ;(

any solution? - or ist that not possible to do?

thx in advance for ya assitance

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