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Originally Posted by neoxed
darkone posted about the 4KB bug, although the alleged patch was never released.

If you don't mind me asking, which version of the code base are you working off of, panic? Beta-5.8.5 or the code last committed in by darkone (assuming IniCom uses some form of source control)?
i have both the beta-5.8.5 as well as the 1.0 stuff darkone was working on. the "beta" is in much better shape, and *far* more complete, so that is our codebase going forward.

i've been cleaning it up, and will be rolling the stuff from 1.0 into it eventually, but 1.0 wasn't far enough along to actually begin using it.

heh, and that bug sounds trivial. i'll check the code later tonight/tomorrow, it might be fixed but not released. we'll see.
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