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Originally Posted by richto
Noticed a few issues with the new version:

If you have affils that pre in more than one area, they are listed multiple times from !affils command

Commands that send you a lot of data from the bot are far too slow for each line - eg !help

!imdb now broken
!quotas doesnt seem to list exempt users / groups anymore
!leechers now !dn
!uploaders now !up
!passed now broken
!google now broken
!undupe now broken

Leading group is [b]%gptop[b] \[%gpmbMB/%gpfilesF/%gppercent%/%gpspeedkBps\]. no longer works on HALFWAY announce.
And sometimes halfway announce appears twice.

!latests lists all folders - eg sample, etc. not just releases.
!requests sends me site rules!
Affils are listed multiple times because you've created multiple lines for them. Only one line per affil is required as you can specify as many sections as you want on one Pre_Group_* line.

The bot slows down the reply rate for the irc commands where there are announces going on. This was implemented to avoid flooding the irc server and being killed for this reason.

!imdb isn't broken, it was removed by design. B0unty's standalone imdb script works fine and is well maintained. The same goes for !google.

!quotas (like !trials) doesn't list exempted users by design. Exempted users are supposed to be hidden. Note that !trials lists apprentices which are users that will soon enter their trial period.

What's the problem with the !up and !dn commands ? They're shorter and thus easier to use. This is fully documented btw.

I'm not aware of any issue with !passed and I won't read your mind nor spend a day or two trying to figure out what you're talking about. If you want to see it fixed (or explained), you'll have to give more details. The same goes for !undupe.

These cookies are indeed not available.

If the halfway announce appears twice, it usually means it has been logged twice. Start with denying overwrite and resume in these directories and then provide more details (like excepts of your ioFTPD.log and xferlog) if you want a better explanation. I can't figure out what happens without seeing these.
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