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Default [Fixed] !request, !requests and rules

Noticed a few issues with the new version:

If you have affils that pre in more than one area, they are listed multiple times from !affils command

Commands that send you a lot of data from the bot are far too slow for each line - eg !help

!imdb now broken
!quotas doesnt seem to list exempt users / groups anymore
!leechers now !dn
!uploaders now !up
!passed now broken
!google now broken
!undupe now broken

Leading group is [b]%gptop[b] \[%gpmbMB/%gpfilesF/%gppercent%/%gpspeedkBps\]. no longer works on HALFWAY announce.
And sometimes halfway announce appears twice.

!latests lists all folders - eg sample, etc. not just releases.
!requests sends me site rules!
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