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Cool Idle timeout exemption ..

Is it possible to exempt one user (sitebot) from idle timeout in ioftpd, so he does not get kicked off site. Want to use a 10second timeout or something like it. But sitebot is getting kicked out all the time. And kind off hard to send anti-idle commands every 9 seconds.


Idle_TimeOut = 10
Login_Attempts = 10
Login_TimeOut = 30
Socket_Send_Buffer = 4096
Socket_Recv_Buffer = 1024
DataSocket_Nagle = False
Transfer_Buffer = 65536 # For maximum scalability, set Transfer & DataSocket buffers to to low values
DataSocket_Send_Buffer = 32864
DataSocket_Recv_Buffer = 32864

I hope this is possible, and if how is to be done?

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