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Originally Posted by neoxed
I don't want to write all the shared memory code now and have to rewrite it in the near future for the v1.0 release.
i'm planning to make a post later today (tomorrow at latest) about the outstanding feature set, the order we'll be doing things, and my estimate about when we'll have them done.

i'm currently documenting the UserModule interface, plus writing a sample application that can be used as a starting point for writing custom modules. i expect this work to segue into learning about the script interface, and determining on both sides (script+module) what needs to change before 1.0.

i'll have a better idea at that point what the shared memory code will look like in the future, but given that there is also some work to do fixing up the ssl code, i wouldn't expect anything the change here fast. i would encourage you to write the shared memory code for the 0.5.84u release. i'm going to try to keep the scripting/module/shared memory interfaces compatible going forward into 1.0, if in any way possible.
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