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Default Slow transfer speeds in FLASHFXP

* FlashFXP v3.0, build 1015, unregistered
* OS WinXP SP 2
* Running behind NAT/router: Yes & Model: Hawking HBR49
* Running firewall: Dont know maybe hardware firewall with router.
* Running Antivirus: No
* Network: CABLE

Hi, I live in the netherlands and I use flashfxp for file transfer with my friends.

Lately i've been having weird download speeds with flashfxp

I have it set on passive mode, or else i cant connect to the ftp server. if i dont use passive mode, the ftp connection stops at this point:

[R] 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.

i have a router. first i had a sweexbroadband router, so i thought maybe is this cheap router's fault so i went and bought a Hawking broadband router, but i had the same problem

the download speed doenst pass 50kb. while my connection can handle 650kbp down/ 75kbp up. its a cable connection.

while im downloading with flashfxp i try a speedtest, it says i can download 450~ to 500~ so that means its not my connections fault. the problem continue's even if i close my sisters PC and disconnect it from the router. the router has no QoS software on it, i didnt put on any speedlimits or restrictions, windows firewall is off. the ftp im downloading from is 100mbit down/100mbit up. my login account doenst have restrictions either, if another friend accesses the same ftp with my account he has 300 to 400 kbp download.

what do i do? please help me in this weird matter,

Thank you.
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