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It doesnt seems to work, maybe i did someting wrong?

Installed ioftpd on E:

added to the scheduler:
ioSYMCHECK = 7,37 * * * TCL ..\scripts\ioSYMCHECK.itcl

Want to remove death symlinks in:


set ssn "SITE"
set nesting 5
set location "e:\\ioFTPD\\etc\\admin.vfs"
set uidtable "e:\\ioFTPD\etc\\UserIdTable"
set ignore {
set ignoredir {
btw is there a script that will delete the dir ARTIST to when the release is deleted?
for example:

If some1 upload music by arist called: ABBA
A dir is created like:
If the artist ABBA is deleted the dir ABBA stays but is empty.

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