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Default dzsbot: announce problem + NEWDiR confusion


1. my bot doesnt announce race stats at the and of a race like group top and so on.... i looked my config of my scriptz more than twice dunno now...

2. bot isnt announcing imdb and nfo announces. if i use !imdb i also get an error: tcl error: invalid command name "proc_imdb" i have no clue bout this i also tried to have a look at the script files themself, but sorry i have no clue hehehe

3. NEWDiR & dzsbot: !incomplete isnt working, !new <section> works fine but one section isnt... i always get: Syntax error in parameters or arguments reported by the bot.

4. is it possible to erase files from the dupelog if its wiped by ioA?

thanks a lot guys for the great work but now i need some help again


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