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Unhappy sitewho problems with 2 ioftpd's running


I need some help with the following:

I have 2 ioftpd's running on one NIC, site1[C:] port 3025 and
site2[N:] port:3020, ftping works fine.

[I used details from site1 for site2 changed the drive letters
and made the site2 WindowName = ioFTPD::MessageWindow2]

-but when i use command "site who" on site2 it gives me the who details from site1.

-Channel commands for site1 work perfect, but for site2 [diff chan] !help !bnc !requests work, but the rest like : !bw !who !free etc. do not

I have them running as services with firedaemon but site2 eggdrop doesn't start with OnServerStart / OnServiceStart so i made that run as a service in firedaemon.

Dunno what to do anymore..


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