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Default IRCSTATS and imDB

Now that I finally have all things working, I want to modify somethings in the script. So maybe some1 can help me


Instead of the "normal" announcement :

[IRCSTATS] + User dayup: [01. nick1 100mb] [02. user2 90mb]
[IRCSTATS] + Group dayup: [01. group2 100mb] [02. group2 90mb]

I want the bot announce someting like:

[IRCSTATS] + A new day is about to end.
[IRCSTATS] + Today 3 best uploaders where:
[IRCSTATS] + 1. nick1@group1 with 100mb
[IRCSTATS] + 2. nick2@group2 with 90mb
[IRCSTATS] + 3. nick3@group3 with 80mb


Instead of the normal announcement when some1 uploads a .nfo file with a imdb url:

[MOVIES] + IMDB info for Title Directed by ***** -> rated 8.0/10 (59 votes) - genre: N/A - runtime: 100min >> URL: http://www.****** >> Budget: N/A >> Opening Weekend: (USA) N/A

I want it to announce like this:

[IMDB] + Title....:
[IMDB] + Rating...:
[IMDB] + Votes....:
[IMDB] + Genre....:
[IMDB] + Director.:
[IMDB] + URL......:
[IMDB] + Runtime..:
[IMDB] + Budget...:
[IMDB] + Screens..:
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