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Default ioB2 - FAQ

These are the more common questions/problems you may encounter. They come with an explanation and a quick solution. Some answers may direct you to another thread to get more details.

Q: Some announces like PRE or NUKE are weird, what can I do ?

A: Make sure your Log_* settings in ioA.cfg are matching those suggested in the installation manual.

Q: The [latest] symlink isn't created, what's happening ?

A: The main known reason for those symlinks not to be active is a detail I forgot to add to the documentation. There's a setting in ioCONFIG.itcl called $dupe(dupelogs); search for "set dupe(dupelogs)". This value is the path to a directory that will be used to store the dupelogs. This directory must be created by hand.

Q: The [latest] symlink shows directories created in the groups directory even if this one is excluded, what's happening ?

A: Don't worry, the exclusion system works. Though, you most probably have a special character in the directory name or path. You have to escape those characters. For example, if the char is "+", replace it with "\+".
The characters known to cause this are: "+". (more might be added to this list later)

Q: How do I install and configure curl.exe ?

A: There are two versions of curl.exe. One supports ssl and the other doesn't. ioB doesn't really care which one you are using, but if you have installed the ssl version you need the openssl dlls.
See for a complete explanation.

Q: How can I configure the rules system ?

A: A complete documentation for this part will come. See for more details.

Q: Why isn't my question answered here ?

A: It's either an uncommon or a new one. Search this forum and if it hasn't been asked before, don't hesitate to create a new thread.
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