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1. Actually, there's a %speed cookie for the RACE announce. Search for "set variables" in your ioBanana.tcl and you'll find a list of all available cookies for the announces (but not the replies to !commands). I agree that a readable list of all of them would be nice. Expect it to be added to the next version of the docs.

2. This is a pretty old limitation. ioFTPD only reports the size of one of the drives in the raided drives. I can't remember if it's the first one or the last one. To get a workaround, I would have to completely redesign the SITE FREE and !free commands to use an external tool (ie ioDiskSpace from ADDiCT).. which I may do at some time, but that's at the bottom of my todo list.

3. Well, there's not a big difference between setting a variable to 0 or another to "". Can you find a very good reason to add more variables ?

Thank you for the feedback. Constructive comments are always appreciated.
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