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Default [Request] a few suggestions for ioB2

Well this are some of my thoughts what would be nice to add.

1. Maybe some cookies for speed on race announces. Now you can see speed only in the end. Maybe just add them so we can use them in our skin files.

2. And if possible what would rock is, real size reports on !free. Because now if you have mounted dirs in ioFTPD, it shows size only from first path in .vfs

For exm.
"C:\ioFTPD\site" "/section"
"D:\site" "/section"
"F:\site" "/section"

Would be great if you could parse this and count the free space together. Or even easier to specify which section uses which drives in the ioBanana.tcl and u can then just check for space on those drives and count the space to that section. This would rock.

3. Add some switches to disable or enable that movie,mp3,0-day sorting in config. Now you have to leave all fields empty. Would be easier to just say you want sorting and put 0 or 1 and it`s done.

This are just my suggestions, what would be nice.

Have fun and good work.
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