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Default bugs build 1089

When opening the restore queue window and press delete all under autosave, it automaticly closes the window after also.. which is annoying since i have to open it again to check the queue files from the "display all" option.
been like this from build 1089 and even older builds.

also another thing i find very annoying is that sometimes the on transfer complete turn off computer doesnt work. This happens often when i delete/add files to the queue during the transfer and after i set the on transfer complete option to "turn off comp".
What happens is that flashfxp doesnt do anything and doesnt even close its own window, it reacts just as if i didnt set it. This happened many times. So im stuck with the computer being left on and switch it off by myself.

winxp pro sp2 all updates eng version
ffxp build 1089
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