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Question FlashFXP 3.2 and win reinstall

Recently, I reinstalled the damn winblows, moved from Win2k SP3 to Win2k SP2.

After reinstall, FlashFXP ask for the reg key, I give it to him, and then it restart - and hell - it asked again. And keep asking, untill I did not reinstall it and then it accepted my key

Does this happen just because I changed (SP3 tp SP2) the win a little, or is not normal behaviour?

Will it happen again? (since Im about to try some streamlining in win install - so I will reinstall the crap called windows again )

Could I prevent it by saving the registers and restoring it, after winblows get fresh reinstall?

I did not tried that yet, but there are 5 major FlashFXP branches in registers, and when I save then, it might work well? (it's chÃ*ldish easy to put them all into one file, so... not a problem )

I must admit I even tried modify the key file and tried other, not legal keys, yet nothing help.

So, can FlashFXP could be made to run w/o reinstalling after win reinstall - if the fault was not on my side somehow?
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