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yes, i could add it by a batch file @echo %%[execute(TCL ..\scripts\iojNFO.itcl)] >> .ioFTPD.message but between the race-stats and the @echo %%[execute(TCL ..\scripts\iojNFO.itcl)] >> .ioFTPD.message is a text like this:
î‘|x2 ÿÿÿÿ    =’|„% u�|    ÿÿÿÿ   €      Ä  l% 	      P%   Z! Ä     x2 ‘| ÜýˆÃ¢‘|u€|À              *% ¸G2        ˜€|`É8|l   ¸G2 `É8|°G2   À        °G2 Œ% ¸G2 (& ó™ƒ|Ø›€|ÿÿÿÿ˜€|Ý46|À  ¸G2    ð%     `É8|l              
$4|Å15|*2 Å66|   â66|   Hµ8|Þ(     & ¸4|œ& 
$4|8|ÿÿÿÿâ66|¡›6|   ¸G2    Hµ8|͹6|Hµ8|; 7 Hµ8|O!4|0&2 ¬& ï  °& Z¤6|�& ¦
A Ä&       Ú& ýÿÿÙ&     ¢–4|          ‡5|•     *¸@ Ø& 7 ; ˜M 8 À"A 06  •  î      
The text prevents that the nfo is being printed.
How can i disable or how can i delete the "crap-text" ?
Have someone maybe any idea?
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