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This is not up for discussion. The current system in place is just as secure as the old one and more. The new system has greatly simplified everything for 99% of our users. As far as i'm concerned, there will always be someone more paranoid than another, no matter how secure anything is. For those people, you might as well lock yourself in your house, never come out, never do business, and for goodness sake, NEVER send or receive postal mail or email. We have always been fair and just about accounts being compromised, and will continue to work in the best interest of our clients to deal with such things. With computers, one must simply make a "best effort" at security and learn to deal with the remote chance that something could be compromised, because there will ALWAYS be a new security hole found somewhere.

vbulletin was updated the day the patch was released, but only the security patch was applied, and not the entire upgrade, thus the reason for the version not changing. I am closing this thread. Thanks for your input, but our decision has been made in regard to this "feature".
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