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Originally Posted by Makc666
If I will use this forum in some publick place like internet-cafe (I have a right to make so) and some one will still my forum's password (for example with some Key-Logger), who will be responsible for this?
If you fear that someone keylog you then just do not login, for me, beign keylogged for a forum password or for the nasa password is the same thing, they are both confidential data, the inicom login is not intended to be reduced to a forum, its what it means, a login for the whole site, for all the needed functions.

Besides, we do really understand what you say but you have to understand that we cannot have a different password for each section the user want to join, when u login as an Administrator/root on your machine you are not asked for a password each time you want to delete a file or perform different tasks.

Originally Posted by Makc666
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We are notified and are on the process of an upgrade, thank you.
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