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Linkster, can you garanty me that "Powered by: vBulletin" will not be hacked one day?
It is rhetorical question - you can not answer it. I now that you can't garanty me.

Originally Posted by Linkster
1. To unify everything and make it easier to get support. It is secure. All logins are sent over ssl and stored in an encrypted cookie. What makes it less secure?
In old Customer Portal there was no problem to identify me as a registered user. You know this.

Now, when I logged on the forum, I can see my FlashFXP passwords.
Do you realy think that it is wonderfull??

If I will use this forum in some publick place like internet-cafe (I have a right to make so) and some one will still my forum's password (for example with some Key-Logger), who will be responsible for this?

I don't want to prove your company some day, that I never give my forum's password to any one and that it was stolen.

I didn't give any agreement to unify Customer Portal's and vBulletin's passwords, emails and login names.
I don't want Customer Portal to have such "unify" function.

I realy hope that you will understand what I am trying to say.

P.S. Powered by: vBulletin v3.07 - there is a new version already, 3.08
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