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A) The best way to find out who helped fill the pool, and reward those individuals accordingly, is to ask the ppl who PAID the extra $. If a Foundation user said he bought a foundation licenses hoping his money would go to _tuff, since he use his scripts the most and hope for more of them, then give the extra $ to _tuff. End of story.
I really don't see why non-foundation users should vote... Would you ask your neighbour to decide on what you should spend your pay check ??

B) Which brings up this question: Why is there foundation scripts ? ie why would a user post his scripts as foundation scripts if he gets nothing in return ?
I mean, he's helping getting money in a foundation pool which will be redistributed to people who didn't help filling it. Doesn't make much sense to me...
Just a guess, but if it wasn't for Harm's ioB, I think there would be a lot less money in that pool right now.

C) I think the foundation license should be re-worked. Instead of pooling all the money together, you should simply ask each foundation users who buy a license in the future whom he wants his $ to go to (could be more than one person, he could answer after say a month or so of using ioFTPD). And remove 'foundation-only' scripts (since I'm the only one using that anway!)

Note: The reason why not many ppl would buy a foundation license those days is very probably the fact they have no way to know what they are paying for. Where is the list of scripts only available to Foundation users ?

Note 2: The scripts count at the top-right corner of the scripts page is wrong. There is 94 scripts, not 85.
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