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Ok, since this thread has been stagnate for at least a week, I guess there are no more good ideas. Thanks to those who piped in. I now have a better understanding, and I think we've come up with a decent solution, at least for the interim.

The old pool (before moving to the new site), was about $2500 (anything more than this will be rolled over to the new pool). I would like to have a vote to divvy up this money so we can start fresh with the new system. Here is what I am proposing.

-The money will be divided among the top 20 scripters. $400 to #1, $250 to #2, $150 to #3 and $100 to 4-20.

-In order to be part of the vote, you must:
1. Have been a scripter on the old site.
2. Have moved all your scripts from the old site to the new site. You will have till the end of the week (Aug 26) to finish moving your scripts, after which the old scripts page will be taken down. There is no reason not to move over your scripts. If you need help moving a foundation script, just let us know.
3. The eligible scripters will be pulled from the active scripters on the new site, so if you have an old script to post, do it before friday.

-The vote will be posted on Aug 26 after the old scripts page is taken down, and will run for 2 weeks. This should be plenty of time for everyone to vote for their favorite scripter/scripts.

If you have any questions/objections please don't hesitate to post. I will make another post about the future pool soon.

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