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I think all scripters who contribute to ioFTPD should receive something from the pool. The foundation pool was started so registered ioFTPD users could have a simple way to donate to the scripters (at least that's how I understand it). It used to be a real mess.

The scripters were and are still free to decide whether their scripts are going to be foundation or not. Putting a few interesting scripts in the foundation area encourages donations and support... but I'm pretty sure a few users have bought a foundation license to reward scripters who do not use this area. The users can decide that a script is good and that its author deserves something even if it's not a foundation script. The users are the judges there.

Using polls was a good idea at the beginning. The users could decide who they wished to reward for their work. Though, the increasing number of scripts and scripters makes this difficult nowadays. The rating system would be able to replace it... if you were posting reminders in the forums a few days before the pool is distributed. "Warning: you've 3 days to vote for your favourite scripts ". I also agree with neoxed: foundation members' votes should count more (it's their money).
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